4 Tips for a Smooth Election Day

When you look at the early vote tallies already cast in the state of Georgia, one thing’s certain — turnout has been crazy!

Early voting ends Friday at 7pm, so if you haven’t gotten in line by then, you will have to vote on Tuesday, November 6th. That being said, many voters have been purged from the rolls, so you might need to take some special care in ensuring that your vote is both cast and counted. Although most people will be ok, here’s a checklist to ensure that voting goes as smoothly as possible Tuesday. Here’s how to make your vote count:

1. Have a voting plan.

Monday night, you should know where your polling place is located. Go to this website, enter your address, and it will give you your polling location. If there are any issues or you have any questions regarding your official polling place, follow the instructions here.

Voting goes from 7am to 7pm. So long as you are in line by 7pm, you will be allowed to vote! If there is any issue with this when you go to the polls, call the Democratic Party of Georgia at 888-730-5816.

2. Pull your sample ballot before you go.

There are several ballot measures that you will be asked about when you vote. This goes beyond candidates and into things like whether or not a restaurant can serve alcohol at brunch. So go ahead and look over your sample ballot. All you need to do is go to this website, enter your address (email address is OPTIONAL), and it will pull together your sample ballot — including candidates and ballot measures.

3. Know your rights.

First and foremost, if a poll worker tries to stop you from voting, immediately call the Democratic Party of Georgia at 888-730-5816.

Remember that you must have certain types of government-issued ID to vote. For a list of those that are accepted, go here.

Furthermore, if you believe that your registration has been purged from the voter rolls, then you can still cast a Provisional Ballot. For this, you must have a government-issued photo ID with you. If you are even a little bit concerned that you might fall into this group, please make sure to bring a government-issued photo ID with you.

4. Be proud of yourself for participating like a true patriot.

One thing is for sure, patriotism is about how you engage civically in your country. One of the most important ways to do this is to vote. So if you’ve already voted, pat yourself on the back. And if you’re still about to vote on Election Day, relish the experience.

Voting is how you make your mark in this country. It is the sacred right of each and every American, and it is what makes our country great. So stand up and let your voice be heard.

And, as always, THANK YOU for your support in this campaign! Together, we can lay the groundwork for a brighter future.

Beth Moore